Content wall inside a topic


i am trying to do something without success.

i have the overview with some topics
when i go in one of the topics
i want to have a content wall (like the template)
and then i can go to the inner topics.
pay attention that the content wall is NOT in the overview page.

to do so, i need to have :

  1. another overview (contains topics, not sub-topics) inside a topic page
    but i need to be able to do that

2. i can create the content wall with planet type
but i need a way to arrenge the planets sub-topics freely (not in an arc)
so i can zoom to custom places over the content wall

3.i can create the content wall with stack type
but i need a way to zoom and open a page at the same time (in one click),
and then zoom out and open another page (in one click)
but how can i open a page after the zoom ?
and how to do that in one click

any ideas ?


@Shay_Toder cool ideas, I really like your opt. #2 because I love using the planet subtopics but I agree it would be interesting to be able to arrange in a non-arc layout in the future. Sometimes the arc is great & keeps the presentation very clean, but sometimes it would be nice to “mess” things up a bit! I hope you get some positive feedback from the team on this.

In the meantime, I’m just curious why you need the “double-overview” and what would prevent you from just having your content wall be the main overview? Maybe there’s a way to accomplish your task with some animations at that level?

i agree - planets (option #2) is the preferred way

i want the double overview,
because my presentation has two main parts
and one of them is a child of the first part but the second has many childs
so i thought it will be nice to have them in a content wall where things are not symmetric


@Vanda ?
i am stuck, and i really don’t want to change my content wall to regular planets.

@Shay_Toder We are sorry for the late response. Hopefully we can offer a workaround for you that is based on the concept you mentioned in your second point.

Even though the position of the actual planet-style subtopics cannot be changed at the moment, you can go around this by adding “fake subtopics” in the form of circular (or any different) shapes.

You are able to place these shapes anywhere within the topics and you can add zoom areas or zoom to animations to them to create the same effect as if you were entering a subtopic.

If you do not want the content of these “subtopics” displayed at first, you can add fade in animation to all the content within, and you also have the option to fade these out separately or all at once before going to the next “subtopic”.

When using these shapes, you also have the option to zoom back to the content wall between the subtopics by adding a zoom to animation to the main planet each time you are finished with a subtopic.

Please check this screencast displaying this concept, in addition to the list of animations used to achieve it and let us know if you have any other questions regarding this basic structure.

i don’t understand how to put my content inside a fake subtopic.
i am probably missing something simple in prezi…

in a normal planet subtopic, i can double click the planet, and then i get a page to work on and put text & images.
but with fake subtopic - when i zoom to a shape, i am getting just the shape bigger for a second if i look at it from the animation bar.
so how can i put my text & images inside the fake one ?
i assume that in your example, the white circle is the fake one.


i think i figure it out, but it’s not so great…
i need to scroll in (zoom with the middle button of the mouse)
so i will be inside the shape, and then i can put text & images
is this the way ???

in favor of the regular planet subtopics -
when i click to go forward with the presentation, it’s zoom in the shape, fade out the objects from the cover and fade in the new page of the subtopic,
and here i need to press 3 times i think, to get the same results.
regular planet subtopics are much nicer and friendly…

and how can i put a new planet and subtopics inside a fake subtopic ???


I’m afraid that contrary to regular subtopics, you would need to take those few extra steps to achieve the same visual effect.

As for further layers within a “fake subtopic”, please check the following video and the list of animations used. With the use of the zoom areas and the zoom to animations you are able to create the effect of going deeper in a given topic and you are also able to add actual subtopic(s) to one of the objects.

In addition, we created a different video (and the list of animations used inside the topic) for you to demonstrate how you can achieve the same double overview effect by using a stack style topic. Although planet style subtopics cannot be added in a stack, you can also recreate the zooming deeper effect here the same way.