Controlling the size of the background image in the overview

How can I control the size of the background image in the overview? I’ve inserted a circular logo and the max. zoomed out view cuts off most of the image. I’ve tried reducing the dimensional sized of the image in another program, to no avail.

The “Fit background to overview” sounds like it is what I want, but it doesn’t do anything when I press it.

I have stumbled into a situation where I can resize the overview box, but it doesn’t allow me to readjust the size of the box more than once (I end up trying to guess how big I need the box and if I miss, I haven’t figured out how to try again).

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Maybe this external workaround leads to a solution?

Thanks Gerald! That video solved my problem!

I figured it out on my own before that video came out, but that was exactly the solution I was about to provide! :wink: