Convert existing Prezi Video to Prezi Present?

I have an existing Prezi Video that is complete and I have used for an online presentation. I am now going to be presenting the same topic live and in person in front of an audience.

Is there a way to easily convert the Prezi Video to a Prezi Present? One benefit (for example) would be choosing a single background image or color for all screens rather than having to go through and choose for each of the 30+ slides used.

Is there way to globally apply a background? I will need to manually move some of the topics around, but that’s easy enough.

Hi @Jonathan_Ross, is this a presentation that you’ve imported from Present, or you’ve completely built this in Prezi Video?

Currently, it is not possible to convert the draft of the presentation to a Present document.

Built completely in Prezi Video. I needed to get it wrapped up so I created a copy and then manually went through the topics and added background images, etc. but there was a lot of manual manipulation of the images needed to get them to fill up the space well. Will need to do this for additional Prezi Video creations in the future so if there is a way to convert a Prezi Video to a Prezi with backgrounds (even from templates), that would be very handy.

Hello @Jonathan_Ross, I will forward this as feedback to our developers’ team.
We are always trying to improve our products, and comments like yours are essential, but as for now, we do not offer this feature.

If you start your presentation in Prezi Present you can convert it into a video, so you wouldn’t need to convert it back to Present.