Converting Prezi to Powerpoint?

How can I convert a Prezi to PowerPoint as it doesn’t suit my dyslexic students. Online it says share as a PDF but I’m not getting that option

I have converted your request into an idea that we can pass on to the product team.

Exporting your Prezi Next presentation as a portable file or PDF is only possible with an Edu Plus/Plus license for the time being.

Could you please maybe let us know what functionality you are missing? We’d be happy to hear your feedback.


I’m not IT savvy other than what I have to use, I have no idea what functionality means!

Thanks, Jo

I am sorry if the question was not clear,I simply meant that we would like to know what it is you are missing in Prezi as opposed to PowerPoint.


It’s no good for dyslexic or dyspraxic students who find them difficult to navigate, also I’ve got a student who gets motion sickness when I use them, so I stick to the stone age as it works for them

Thanks, Jo

@jo_corley we believe that a well-designed, visual presentation can have great impact in all classrooms. We’d encourage you to check some of our videos teaching how to create a well-structured presentation. Our Prezi Design series can be a great start:

You can also check our Tips and Tricks category where we regularly post tips on how to take advantage of the best features of Prezi.

And, of course, reach out to us if you ever feel stuck!

Hi, I am having an issue when trying embed prezi into powerpoint slides (like an object); it comes up with error code 404, even when I am clearly logged in.?

By this I mean the actual share / linked presentation when put in a specific slide as an url, that I can navigate without leaving powerpoint and going on the Web doesnt work and shows error code 404.

I can do it for other websites / youtube etc, using a free tool provided with Polleverywhere . It is a very professional way of doing things and makes presenting across different platforms in one place a breeze. This is brilliant for remote teaching and keeping the learners engaged but having to stop screen share and restart it to show the Prezi is not.

Can Prezi Support help with this ?

If you are not familiar with Polleverywhere it is a free tool that loads into Powerpoint (toolbar) and brings an interactive element to your presentation, here’s the link

I upgraded to the Professional subscription to see if it was a subscrition rpobelm with sharing live links and now feel completely let down with the platform because I cannot utilise the Prezi in a professional way :frowning:

Prezi support can you help ?

much apprecaite your time …frustrated remote tutor Dave

Hello @David_Nicholson, I merged your post with the relevant thread.

Prezi is not designed to be embedded in PPT, and you’re probably receiving the error message due to a conflict between the technologies used in both platforms.

Are you trying to use the embed code, or simply pasting the URL into Polleverywhere?

As a workaround, I can also recommend to export the presentation to PDF, and then you’ll be able to insert it in your PPT :slight_smile:

HI Catarina, thanks for your reply however I feel Prezi are overlooking a major issue for educators here that has only come to light through the current Covid 19 remote teaching requirements.
I am now teaching solely online and our college use Microsoft Teams. Given the challenge to keep learners engaged and not lose them I have ended up utilising Powerpoint to just that ; allow me to explain. When online in Teams Class meeting I screen share, this shows my Presentation which has added tools to ensure learners are engaged at all times and I can monitor feedback. I also use it because I can now use these tools to navigate seamlessly within the presentation to Webpages and Video without having to close an open other tabs.
When I try to embed or insert my Prezi into the Powerpoint (to avoid the opening and closing and stopping screenshare.) I cannot ? Its the only Bug in the otherwise flawless system …

Also for some strange reason the Navigation Bar that used to be at the bottom of the presentation which allowed you to drag across and quickly go to a certain part of the presentation is missing ? Now every time I start the Prezi I cannot start where I left off and have to quickly click each slide to get to where I need …even when zooming out and focussing on the relavant area it will send me back to the beginning ?

I would appreciate some support with these matters and urge Prezi to take a seriously look into this as I feel that once educators realise you can do this they will jump on board with Prezi in their droves and take their online learning further.

I myself am waiting to upload a tutorial video (for college staff at 3 colleges 250 tutors) with such information but until Prezi can be embedded it will have to be left out of that tutorial as a non starter!

please, please help, Prezi is by far the best but these issue are letting the platform down at the most crucial time.

appreciate the support

thanks Dave

Thanks for the input @David_Nicholson, as you’re using Microsoft teams for your classes right now, I think using Prezi Video can work out great for your case! Prezi Video is our video creator, that puts you right alongside your content, and you’re able to record videos or stream them in several conference tools.

You’re also able to import PPT to Prezi Video, which will convert your slides, so you can insert them in a video. You can check this article on how to do so.

As you’re using MS Teams, after you can simply stream your video, which as mentioned before, will put you right alongside the content, so you can engage with your students :slight_smile: I would recommend to read more about it here.

In relation to the navigation bar, could you please confirm that when you set a presentation to Present you don’t see this? Is this happening with all your presentations, or just with the converted ones?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello everyone. I purchased a plus license as among the features it says that it is possible to convert to power point.
But I can’t find the menu item to do this. Who can give me information on this?
Thanks so much

Hi @viviana_zechini, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note that this feature is not available.

Could you please let me know where did you see the option to convert a Prezi project to PowerPoint?