Converting Prezi to Powerpoint?


How can I convert a Prezi to PowerPoint as it doesn’t suit my dyslexic students. Online it says share as a PDF but I’m not getting that option


I have converted your request into an idea that we can pass on to the product team.

Exporting your Prezi Next presentation as a portable file or PDF is only possible with an Edu Plus/Plus license for the time being.

Could you please maybe let us know what functionality you are missing? We’d be happy to hear your feedback.



I’m not IT savvy other than what I have to use, I have no idea what functionality means!

Thanks, Jo


I am sorry if the question was not clear,I simply meant that we would like to know what it is you are missing in Prezi as opposed to PowerPoint.



It’s no good for dyslexic or dyspraxic students who find them difficult to navigate, also I’ve got a student who gets motion sickness when I use them, so I stick to the stone age as it works for them

Thanks, Jo


@jo_corley we believe that a well-designed, visual presentation can have great impact in all classrooms. We’d encourage you to check some of our videos teaching how to create a well-structured presentation. Our Prezi Design series can be a great start:

You can also check our Tips and Tricks category where we regularly post tips on how to take advantage of the best features of Prezi.

And, of course, reach out to us if you ever feel stuck!