Copy and paste images directly into frames

Prezi Video: I used to be able to copy and paste images directly into the frames, which was super useful for screenshots of handwritten diagrams and equations. But now this doesn’t work anymore so each time I need to save my screenshot as a file and then upload it which wastes a lot of time. See photo: before I could just click the photo screen and press paste. I hope this can be solved easily. Thanks!

Hi @Hler_Kristjansson, thanks for reporting this.

I’ve tested it on my end and I could easily paste images into my Prezi Video draft.

  • If you just paste (CMD +V on Mac, CTRL + V on WIN) the image where the slides are visible then you get the image in a new slide.
  • If you paste the image in the “Add Content” area that you’ve shown on your screenshot, you get the image on the currently selected slide.

Hope this helps!