Copy and Paste Images into Prezi from other sources

It would be help make working on Prezi more efficient if we could copy and paste images into Prezi from other sources instead of having to upload it. Kinda like how we can do it with Powerpoint.


Thanks for the feedback, this is a great idea!


Yeah, at this time very inefficient!

ya i need this feature too especially when a presentation has many graphs (made in excel or prism) … its nightmarish to save each as a single image and insert it in prezi …

I agree…especially when trying to have my 4th grade students use Prezi in the classroom. Downloading and uploading the images gets quite frustrating!

The single BIGGEST LIMITATION of Prezi is the inability to paste images and videos.

For my power-points I’m always using this kind of images with “quick screen capture”
don’t have time to save them first and upload them afterwards…

I didn’t see this : Lior Paz, Official Rep, replied 8 months ago
Hi, thanks for the feedback, this is a great idea!


Still no answer on this fundamental question !?

Hi Edward

I’m sorry but no news yet. When there will be, I will post it here.


This is the main barrier to using prezi. With powerpoint I can spontaneously choose to paste a graph or picture from another application.

indeed a serious barrier

I believe the functionality exists now, but it’s not working for me … unable to copy/paste from Excel or PowerPoint

Until now nothing from “Lior Paz, Official Rep, replied 1 month ago” , so I’ve my doubts about this. Didn’t try it either…

Quite surprised that a simple “paste” of an image didn’t work. I thought I was missing something…

just purchased the pro version and wish i hadnt had i known i couldnt copy and paste, painful.

Jef that’s the reason why, and only why, I didn’t purchase it. However I’m working (more playing ) on a regular base with an Ipad and there everything is quite working in a similar way…difficult and not user-friendly at all.
Not for gaming, music, reading or surf on the net, but for more professional applications.

Great idea, but tremendously complicated to implement??? Since this is already one year ago.

In business copy/paste of images is critical… This is a real showstopper for use in any corporate environment. As outlined above, pasting images from Excel (whether they be charts or simply the table itself) into PPT is one of the most common operations used to communicate real data (dashboards, marketing results, etc)

This feature would make the software work buying… otherwise, it is not really more than a nextgen scrapbooking tool.

Hi people I found a great replacement for Prezi. This tool has copy and past and is completely free.

Takes some time to get used to but I made some really great presentations with it.