Copy and Paste Images into Prezi from other sources

Agreed, I loaded Prezi, realised I would have to spend a couple of hours saving and uploading all my pictures and abandoned the program altogether… I really don’t want to go back to PPT!!!

I’m afraid this tool that showed so much promise when I initially signed up for a Pro subscription, will not be receiving any additional subscription revenues from me. The time spent in managing my images swamps the creative benefits I get from Prezi over PPT.

I can’t believe I’m going back to PPT!

Aloha Lori (or anyone who is listening) from Prezi… Is anyone listening from Prezi?? I recently purchased the prezi pro account, and I am deeply saddened that I cannot paste images into my prezi presentation.

This seems like such an easy ubiquitous feature to add to this otherwise SuperFly presentation software.

Please someone, take a few minutes and add this feature!! Before I too follow the ranks and abandon Prezi.

Lets work together!!


They seem to have given up this possibility…
Lior Paz mentioned one year ago that it was a great idea but nothing since then. They fell asleep or forgot the whole thing ???
I wouldn’t advice NOT to buy it before this becomes all right. Because importing images is far too difficult when you are working on a presentation.
Still working with the good old PowerPoint…till the end of days ?

wow… i just spent $60 a few hours ago to buy this and am already wondering how to get my money back. In my business I live and die by the content in my technical sales presentations. If I can’t do a simple cut and paste of an image from a doc or a ppt then this is useless to me. The amount of time i’d waste saving those things I already have as files is a showstopper for me.

back to ppt I guess. what a shame. such a simple thing.

has anyone else here inquired about refunds??


Hi Dewey

Here are some suggestions about how to import media into your prezi:

Insert a file by dragging it into the prezi (only chrome and firefox)
Insert a powerpoint into prezi (in the prezi editor: click on insert -> ppt) This let you insert the whole powerpoint or parts of it into your prezi.

on PreziDesktop3 you can also copy paste images from files docs ppts etc.

I hope this helps

Sorry, due to a problem with enabling this feature on browsers we had to discontinue it. It does work on the Desktop version though.

Hello To All,

I’m so frustrated…
I try to copy and past images (from screen) on my presentations but with Prezi Desktop but this operation is not working. If they require to save all the images on JPG on specific directory in this case I have no usage of this tool. Is only for the people working on low productivity rate…I need a toll where I can copy and paste fast and easy…
If you want to build a training document with images from various sources (not only files) I need 10 years to do separate file savings in specific directory

If someone has a solution for me I will be happy and I will buy the product…
If not I have to find out other solutions…

And no phone asssistance for users…

More I read the comments on Prezi assistance and features more I get doubtfull
No phone assistance
No solved problems after discussions…
Questions with no answers…

Strange company…

Pasting a bitmap from a screen capture tool (Snipping Tool) does not work in the Desktop app. I have a bitmap on the clipboard from the Windows 7 snipping tool and the Paste command is available but does nothing. Images are a key feature of the product. Copy and paste of a bitmap from a screen capture on the clipboard is essential to workflow productivity. This feature really needs to be prioritized to win over the Keynote users. You have a window of opportunity now. Keynote has not been updated in something like 3 years. Do not sleep on this. You will have many more Pro users if you add this feature.

still no copy and paste for images? another basic feature that’s missing… I was hoping to switch to prezi, but it’s just not mature enough yet, which is too bad - the idea’s great!

pasting images does not even work in the desktop app… just wasted some time trying that out… maybe I’ll try out prezi in another year or so. I like the idea, but it’s just not useable unless one has a LOT of time to fiddle with the interface

Because cut and paste still does not work. Here is a fast way to quickly add images from a word document to a prezi

  1. In your word document go to Save As
  2. Select “Web Page” from the drop down
  3. Hit save.

A folder with all the individual images from the word document is created in the same directory as the saved document.

  1. Open this folder
  2. Drag and drop any images into prezi.

Good idea!!

Desperate for any attention, I’ve resorted to bombarding other people’s threads until we get some kind of response.…

I have prezi desktop installed (on Mac) - and Lior’s suggestion above works great for me - just make sure you don’t have an old version installed.

open prezi DT and you can simply drag and drop images from google image search etc. into the canvas.

It also works for objects from powerpoint slides! (text boxes are reformatted - pictures 1:1)

Ok - I couldn’t find out a way to get Excel content directly into Prezi. So, what I’m doing is to have a PPT open, where I copy / paste (as picture) my Excel array into. once it’s in ppt as a picture, I can just drag and drop it over.
bloody work-around - but at least, you save the time for the nasty save as image and the upload image procedure.

However, I’d strongly encourage the Prezi team to just enable pasting from the clipboard… Or what’s the point of going Prezi but still needing powerpoint. (maybe that’s where the name came from?)

This was a great idea!!! Never thought of that… Your idea solved all my problems!!! Thank you :slight_smile:

I had a word document with graphs made on SPSS and needed to place them in my prezi presentation… with the printscreen the images had so bad quality that i was getting really frustrated!!! Did exactly as you explained and now my prezi is exactly as i wanted!!! Really… THANK YOU !!!

any updates on this? given that 4 years ago Prezi claimed simple copy and paste is a good idea I wonder if Prezi is really listening at all to their customers…
I’ve stopped using Prezi because it’s just ridiculous to not even have the basic functionality implemented in a timely manner…

New to Prezi, I wanted to copy from Omnigraffle to Prezi.  Can’t copy as PNG, TIFF, PDF, only Applescript where the diagram appears as text.

Prezi is worthless to me without the ability to paste images into it.

I should have looked this thread up first.  But one would assume that the ability to paste images from a variety of sources would be a part of any presentation package such as this.  Too bad for the waste of money for a fancier but less functional powerpoint/keynote application.

My suggestion: use the snipping tool in windows. Search “snip” from the home button. Snip whatever it is that you want to use. Make a quick save to the desktop and insert into prezi from there.