Copy between presentations

Hi all,

This one is driving me nuts as I am sure there there is a simple answer.

How can I copy “slides” between presentations…I just cant seem to do it.

When I use the 3 dot context menu I dont have an option for copy or duplicate and dragging and dropping doesnt help,

The only conext menu items are “Edit Sound” and “Presenter notes”

Its driving me crazy, can anyone assist please

I’m interested in this as well because I feel like there should be a more direct way to do this. In the meantime, there are two ways I’ve personally accomplished copying between presentations.

#1) Have both presentations open in edit mode. You select everything on the original page (Shift+drag cursor to select all elements), then Ctrl+C to copy. Navigate to the new presentation/page and Ctrl+P to paste all those elements. Everything should come over exactly as it was (though it might update fonts/colors if your presentation style isn’t the same across both). This works for between Topics, Subtopics, entire Prezis etc.

#2) I do this less often, but you can also select all the elements you need (the entire page in this case) to copy and then add it to your Library for future use. Once in your Library, you can add anywhere it’s needed in other presentations.

Both ways need you to have a blank page ready for the pasted/added elements. Hope this helps!

Hi everyone, there is currently no way to copy topics or subtopics from your timeline directly.
You should be able to highlight topics on your canvas and copy them with CTRL + C and then follow the same method @Plastic_Ingenuity detailed above. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

How can I insert an already saved presentation into a new presentation?

Hello @Lorenzo_Barbato, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

Can you Copy and Paste letters in other peoples presentation, because i can’t. it keeps dragging my screen and i can’t select words using ctrl + a.

Hi @Baller_Lore_XD_lol_L, I’ve merged your question into the relevant topic.

So just to clarify, you are trying to copy text from one of your presentations into another presentation of yours? If yes, you should be able to select the text box and then press Ctrl + c and in your other presentation, you can insert the text with Ctrl + v.

You can also use our library function to copy content from one presentation to another.

I have the same problem, I would like to copy one or two slide in one presentation and past in other presentation…Is it possible?

hi @Johnny_Padulo, you can use the library feature to reuse the content in presentations. Be sure to select all of the content in the slide (Mac: command + a or ctrl + a for Windows) > right-click> add to my library. In the other presentation from Insert > my library > click the content you’d like to add.