Copy image of Prezi Next slide into Word?


Is there a way to copy an image of a Prezi Next slide into a Microsoft Word document on a Mac? Thanks in advance …


Hi @Eric_Stewart, I’m afraid it is not possible to copy the inserted files out of a presentation, the only way to insert them in a document is to make screenshots of the images.


OK, thanks. I sort of thought that was so, and it’s tedious. It’s what I’ve been doing so far. I want to insert some “thumbnails” of my slides into a Word document to help the presenter keep his pre-written script in sync with the slides on the screen. I think the ability to actually copy a Prezi slide directly to the clipboard for immediate pasting into a Word document would be a good feature to be added to Prezi Next!


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll make sure to forward it to the development team!


Hello. You can view your prezi in presenter mode, then, print the screen (using Prt Sc on your keyboard) and paste it in the word document. I’ve done this before to print my slides for a school project. Hope this helps!


Macs have a built in snipping tool, which may be your best alternative to a feature of Prezi (which doesn’t exist yet).

Command + Shift + 3: captures a screenshot of your entire screen.
Command + Shift + 4: turns the cursor into a crosshair, allowing you to select which portion of your screen you would like to capture.



Thanks. That is valuable information!