Copy + Paste acting up (within Prezi)


Working inside a new Prezi, trying 2 different things:

  1. Copy & Paste (using drop down menus) of subtopics to add to a different topic. Worked in past but now it will work maybe the first time I do it(?), then the next time it appears blank. However, I’m discovering that the subtopic content is actually floating off in space towards the upper left. It’s basically un-viewable in “no-man’s land” as you transition from topic to subtopic.

  2. Copy & Paste using keyboard commands (on PC) from one page to another, even on same page. Again, it pastes WAY off to the side, not even within the page boundary. This time the paste action actually shows you where content is, you can move or delete so it isn’t stuck, and this is what actually led me to find other random content I didn’t know was out there (simply thought the paste was malfunctioning, and it is, but not the way I thought)…

Noticing this both yesterday & today, really need some troubleshooting/bug fixing since I do a ton of content copy/paste actions to keep image placement consistent between pages, among other things. It’s quite a problem in my process. Kindly review and let me know if you can/can’t replicate and if there’s anything else you need to know from my end. Thanks!!


Sorry about this! We are testing it now and so far could not reproduce it. Do I gather correctly it happens in several presentations? Could you please send us links to the presentations?


I have a screen recording I can share with you privately. I’ll PM you the link and can you please reply there with a place to upload my recording?


Sure, done.


Perfect, done on my end as well. Let me know what you find out!


I have reported the issue to the responsible team. Will make sure to update the thread once I receive any news!


I’m having the exact same issue as described by Plastic_Ingenuity. My initial copy of a page from one stack to another works as expected. Then, when copy and pasting that page to duplicate it inside the same stack, content ends up way off to the side of the page boundary. Seems to have started after the most recent update. This seems to be happening in both the web browser and Mac desktop app. Here’s an interesting workaround I just found:

  1. Copy and paste the page from one stack to another.
  2. Switch from desktop app to web browser app (or vice versa)
  3. Copy and paste page inside stack and it works.


@Prezi_User, sorry about any inconvenience and thank you for the workaround. The responsible team is already aware of the issue and they are working on it.