Copy/paste between prezis. Can you paste into mid-prezi?

When copying and pasting sections between prezis, I like the way that all the transitions are brought through, along with the images and frames etc.

However, the default setting seems to be that it puts a newly pasted section at the very end of the prezi receiving it. This is annoying, because if you don’t want that bit at the end, but instead somewhere in the middle, you have to move each individual command (from the left side of the screen) up to the relevant place, one-by-one. This is laborious and prone to making mistakes.

My question is whether it is possible to paste a section, from another prezi, into a specific part of a receiving prezi - for example after slide 12 of 40?

Alternatively, is it possible to move a whole bunch of commands from the left-hand column up to a new placement (eg from position 40 to 12) in one move, rather than moving each one individually?

Hello @Bony_Pete, thanks for the detailed feedback.

I can reproduce this on my end. There is indeed no way to select more animations in the sidebar to move them together. I’ll make sure to forward this to our product team.

Thanks Bart,

And no way to paste animations into the mid-part of a recipient prezi, rather than them all being pasted in at the end so that you have to move them individually up to the desired spot?

Hi @Bony_Pete, unfortunately, there is no way to control where the animation is pasted at the moment. I’ve let the team know so they can also look into this.

We have this problem as well and need a fast solution as we often copy between Prezis.

Thanks, @DELFER_GmbH_Danyel_E. I’ll make sure to pass along your feedback to our product team.