Copy+Paste Stack (page) to new location, not duplicate

I like the new Prezi sidebar navigation, but with that change, I’ve lost the ability to Copy + Paste a whole page into a different location. Did I miss the instruction on how to do so? Now when I right-click the page I want to copy or move, I get a “Duplicate” option. The duplicate populates right after the original. I don’t want it there (in this case), I want to be able to move a page from one stack topic to another, for example. How do I do that now, please?

Adding to this:

  • First, I have the same issue when wanting to Copy + Paste a full page from one prezi to a different prezi presentation. How do I do that as well? (Using the CTRL keys isn’t working.) I move & combine full pages a lot, so this is quite critical for me to be able to do. (Hopefully it’s an easy task and I just need to go through a different tutorial.)

  • Second, acknowledging that I CAN shift-select everything on a particular page and copy over that way, but it messes up the scale when pasted that way. I’d much prefer if the “Duplicate” function worked where you can have it populate somewhere other than behind original…


Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity thanks for pointing this out, our development team is already aware of it and we’re working to find a solution for it :slight_smile:

As soon as there are any updates, we’ll update this thread!

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That’s great news & will be eagerly anticipating the fix!