Copying a "view-only" Prezi link into a new editable Prezi


Hi community!

I am 99.9% sure I know the answer to this, but I have to be able to source why I know this is the case:

Is it possible to copy a Prezi’s contents into a separate/new/editable Prezi? More specifically: if a client only sent us the view link (“view” is literally in the URL even), it’s impossible to actually quickly copy it into a new presentation, correct? – We would need the client to actually “share” the presentation with us, then we duplicate it on our own account, and that’s how we’d be able to have an editable copy?

I am new to Prezi so my own logic isn’t enough yet for my higher-ups, but if I could get a definitive answer to this, I could use it in my discussions.

Thanks in advance!



This is exactly how it’s done, @Futura_Marketing. You can’t edit a presentation with a view link, you will need to be a collaborator to save a copy and edit it further. For further details, you can check this article about saving a copy and this one about collaborating.


Thanks for the answer!