Couple of pre purchase questions


First, a little odd that apparently even presales support is a paid feature, but hey ho…

So, is it possible to either; export a “Prezi” into a video format, or, can you embed a presentation into an iframe or similar so it can be viewed on another wesbite?

Any help, much appreciated.



@Julian_Andrew_Holtom Even though there is no built-in feature for exporting your Prezi presentation as a video file, we usually recommend our users to create a screen recording of the presentation with an external software in case they would like to share the presentation in video format.

As for embedding a presentation, please see the relevant Knowledge Base article here.

Please know that during the free trial period you have access to all the support services included in the license. Moreover, we are happy to assist you here as well so please let us know if you have any other questions.