Create a link/button to a previous topic



Is it possible to create a hyperlink or some kind of button that makes me return to a previous slide.
I’m making a proces instruction and during some steps of the proces it’s possible that an action that’s explained earlier in the presentation needs to be done again. I would like to create some kind of button that viewers of the presentation can click to jump to the earlier topic so they can revieuw te steps they need to take.


@Twan_van_de_Ven Although it is currently only possible to insert a link to an external website (or a view link of a different presentation), you can zoom out of the topic you are presenting and zoom back into a previous topic at any point of the presentation path. Then you can go back to the original topic and continue your presentation from there.


How can I create a link to another page within the same prezi presentation in a non-linear fashion? I have content that I would like to be able to link to from multiple locations within the same prezi


@Dave_Holmes I moved your request to the relevant forum topic, please see my response above.