Create a link/button to a previous topic


Is it possible to create a hyperlink or some kind of button that makes me return to a previous slide.
I’m making a proces instruction and during some steps of the proces it’s possible that an action that’s explained earlier in the presentation needs to be done again. I would like to create some kind of button that viewers of the presentation can click to jump to the earlier topic so they can revieuw te steps they need to take.


@Twan_van_de_Ven Although it is currently only possible to insert a link to an external website (or a view link of a different presentation), you can zoom out of the topic you are presenting and zoom back into a previous topic at any point of the presentation path. Then you can go back to the original topic and continue your presentation from there.

How can I create a link to another page within the same prezi presentation in a non-linear fashion? I have content that I would like to be able to link to from multiple locations within the same prezi


@Dave_Holmes I moved your request to the relevant forum topic, please see my response above.

That is good advice for when you are physically present and able to guide the presentation itself. However, I have had this tool suggested to me as a good way to build a virtual exhibition for a museum, where the “visitors” would be free to browse on their own, clicking on topics in the exhibition in any order they wished.

I would like to set it up so that there are main topics for categories such as time periods, locations, materials, etc, and sub topics under each of those for the range of options available in that topic, and then when zoomed in to the sub-topic level, it would provide cards for the actual museum artefacts.

However, every artefact has both a location and a time period, and is made out of a specific material. Therefore each artefact would need to be under a specific sub-topic for each of the above main topics. Logically, the specific artefact cards should be made only once, and then linked to the different parent topics, as appropriate, so that one could get to the object from any relevant topic, or get a list of all the objects that share the same location, or the same time period, etc. Is this possible in Prezi?

The other option I can think of would be to make copies of each artefact and put them under each of the relevant topics. However, that would mean needing to go back and edit every single copy if changes needed to be made, and would make the overall presentation at least three times bigger than it needs to be. Suggestions for way to avoid these problems will be appreciated.


Hello @Riia_M_Chmielowski, I would advise you to set up the main categories (location, time, material) as topics, which will be displayed in the overview. The viewers will able to click on them, open the corresponding subtopic for each artefact and go back to the main page. You can check an example in this video.

It’s not possible to connect subtopics from different parent topics, so you would need to create a specific museum card for the artefacts in all the categories.

Hey developers! This (in my opinion really very basic!) request was posted over an year ago - when can we expect it to be resolved? I would be very happy to have this feature. Or at least some sort of “alias slide”, meaning I have a “master slide” where I do all the text updating and several “slave copies” in any place I want them, which instantly take over all the changes from the master slide. On this way I could make copies of topics without having to maintain all of them seperately when there are changes to be made.

Thanks, Martin


I am currently creating prezis for use by others which have huge amounts of duplication and am on the verge of having to duplicate video to meet the user need simply because I can’t embed a link to elsewhere in the same prezi. I’d be surprised if this didn’t become a popular feature very quickly if it were to be integrated.

Is there any chance that this has been/will be picked up?



Hello @Al_Smith, thank you for your feedback! Currently this feature is not on our roadmap, however I am forwarding the request to the responsible team :slight_smile:

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Thanks Sam

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Is there a tool or possibility to create a hyperlink to a different slide?
Trying to make a Webquest with prezi. I would like that children can choose different slides from 1 page.

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Hello @Sietse_Baarda, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the replies above :slight_smile:

Hi Developers! Just want to note I am another new prezi user and this function I feel is also very basic for a presentation software as to not duplicate our work.

Kindly add my comment to your data on this topic as a “NEED THIS FUNCTION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE” & would impact my decision on moving forward with my monthly subscription.

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Hello @Ehvan_Parrott, thank you for your feedback, I’ve forwarded it to our dev team. :slight_smile:

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This is a worthless answer. I am on the free trial of Prezi and I am shocked to find out you expect me to be physically present to use your software in this very basic manner. This request seems to be a simple one, and it would seem like, after an entire year, you are still deflecting. I downloaded Prezi for a very specific job with the assumption that basic interactions like those requested on this thread would be possible. Please let me know if you have resolved this, because I will not be paying for the software otherwise.

Hi @David_Fisher, thanks for your feedback regarding the provided workaround.
Currently, there is no interlinking inside a Prezi presentation, but we also see this would be a useful feature so we are forwarding every feedback we get regarding this request.

I create a topic A with supbtopics 1,2 & 3. I go on to create a topic B. Can I link subtopic 1 to to topic B now? (Instead of copying it and linking the copied version under topic B)


Hi @Rahul_Prakash, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic. :slight_smile:
Please see the answers above.

Bart - Thanks for the merge. So basically, even after two years of a request getting surfaced, Prezi hasn’t resolved it and there is no indication that this is on the roadmap. I guess, I don’t convert to a paying customer. Good luck with the product.

hello there.
is ist possible for users to use my prezi interactive without a fix path? only by clicking on items or frames? jumping from frame 6 to 14 and back to 3 oder just in order 1, 2, 3…, end?