Create A Youtube or Movie Export!

One of the big things that online presentation software companies like prezi constantly miss (and this goes for all of them not just prezi) is the ability to export your presentation to a movie file such as AVI or MOV or MP4 or even export to YouTube directly.

Presentation tools offer embed functions for websites and blogs, but you cant embed a presentation to YouTube or other video sharing site - and that’s where the mass eyeballs are…

This is not necessarily a development request (although you can treat it as one if you wish) but more a tip to any entrepreneur that wants to develop a presentation tool that will offer this one USP that will bring in the customers and wipe out the competition.

I can’t believe that every presentation company has missed this killer feature, millions of people would pay to be able to easily add their presentations to YouTube or Vimeo as a complete video file in one click.

The response that I have had from other presentation companies are things like “it’s not possible”, “it would be too difficult to implement”, “the technology doesnt exist”. That’s a losing strategy, and certainly thinking small. You get customers in proportion to the value you offer, and if it’s difficult, innovative, or seemingly impossible, then it’s a business idea that is the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I hope that Prezi may take up the challenge and prove their innovative worth to the marketplace…

this is exactly the shortsighted response I get from every presentation company. Have you considered that speakers want to put up their presentations on YouTube AFTER events to attract new business and for archive?

Yes you can embed them on your blog or website, but that targets existing customers or attracted clients through your own marketing.

Putting them on youtube attracts new clients from the marketing that Google puts in too.

It isnt leaving the speaker out of the game it is actually extending their reach to the most popular presentation site on the planet.

Yes I can use Camtasia to capture, but thats making my life harder, and investign in Prezi is supposed to make my life easier! The shortsightedness of the management behind all of these presentation tools is stunning. If you want success, think of a totally different strategy to pull ahead of the rest.

Maybe I should buy a presentation company and develop the idea myself, I’d make a fortune!

I have recently discovered Prezi and i must say it is an useful and innovative tool to work with, however i agree with Simon, i have created a presentation for the company i work for (which a small company in Costa Rica) and as all current bussineses are managed, we try to make the most out of resources we have available and expose them where the eyeballs are as Simon says, it would be much more easier to have an option to upload the prezi to Youtube, this is the reallity and i think many in the world would agree.

Google could do well if they made a Prezi-like application that could export to video formats. Nowadays, this seems like such a no brainer to include in a cool application like Prezi. I would certainly pay a yearly fee to have a killer app like this. Seems like there is always one piece missing. The programmers seem to miss the marketing aspect of an app like this.

I made a great prezi and now the boss wants it as a video so he can upload it as a downloadable resource on a marketing site. I used Camtasia before with some success, but it took the better part of a day to get all the little details to my liking. Plus I had to manually click through the prezi while capturing the video. Lots of work. I would love it if Prezi would allow us to set the time of slides for autoplay mode. That would make video captures much more doable until Prezi comes out with an in-house export solution (which I hope they are working on).

the fact there is no export to video is the exact reason I didn’t buy prezi and the reason I won’t.

I think it is a cop out saying it is about presentations and about speakers.
Videos can be presentations too. Not every person has to stand infront of a crowd to present.

What if I wanted to have a presentation running in the entrance room to my presentation on a tv. Well I have to go buy another laptop, figure out if I can hook it up to that tv, etc. If I could export I could put my presentation on a DVD and buy a very inexpensive DVD player to hook into the tv.

I actually don’t see it as a huge leap to add this feature into prezi. It baffles me how a company has people for at least the last 18 months asking non stop for video export.

Your customers are telling you what they want and you seem to think it better to tell them what you want to sell. Not a clever plan.

A business is built on selling solutions to problems and giving people what they want to buy. I bet when you started out if you didn’t get a good response you would listen more to customers.

Not every product has to offer every possible functions. You can easily use any screen cast software to record yourself prezi-ing (even with added voice-over).

if you want to increase your customer base then it helps to listen to your customers. Prezi’s attitude to customers is terrible, the company will not succeed until they change the way they treat their clients its as simple as that.

That’s maybe (partly) true, sadly. But it doesn’t change the fact that alternative options like screen recording exists. Have you at least tried those out, or are you refusing to do that on principle?

It’s not partly true, its wholly true. Screen recording does exist, but its a huge hassle to do, and a sledgehammer to crack a nut. FYI yes I have tried screen recording and it is a total nightmare to do. In addition if you have sound in a presentation, how do you propose that screen recording will include that, or are you saying I would then have to dub the sound on afterwards, another day in post production, for the audio track, narration, not to mention the clunky way of forwarding the prezi through manually first. Clearly you’ve never tried screen recording a presentation with Camtasia yourself or you wouldn’t even suggest it lol, its a silly situation and one that can be rectified by presentation companies building a video exporter for YouTube. If you go the extra 10% for the customer then customers will not only flock in, but they’ll continue to stay with the company. I’ve cancelled all my licences with Prezi and gone elsewhere, but for som reason still get updates from this forum, and Prezi refuse to unsubscribe me. Im sure they will after this post lol :slight_smile:

Actually I just figured - the Prezi team still haven’t got round to progressing beyond the basics such as using different fonts and text color, their answer to not having those is - we are aware of that and cant promise when we will get round to it as there are more important things. Imagine if Bill Gates had said that about MS Word lol.

You can close your forum account at…

screen recorder records my screen. I want an auto-play version of my prezi not click click click.

@Cathryne: You are simply turning customers away. Simon said he cancelled his licenses and all you do is point him to the page to remove his account.
You do release potential customers (like me) are reading this and seeing how you treat people who actually do business with you.

YouTube is the worlds second biggest search engine and you don’t think a few videos with the tags created by Prezi might actually help you sell more. So many people sell bad products and never get feedback. Here you have a good product and customers are asking you to make it better, telling you exactly what they need from you to buy it. And what do you do. you take the lazy ‘screen recorder’ way out. Nobody in their right mind wants to use that. Prezi has the potential to make amazing presentations into videos that wow people.

And I don’t know why you are using “partly true, sadly”. There is no sadness here. There is blatant ignorantness from. Sad is when you cant do something about it.

When Prezi first launched I told everyone about it and have been waiting a long time for video export. It may be a very good program but nobody ever wants to buy a product from someone who they feel doesn’t really give a s**t about their opinion.

The fact that the only people engaged in any dialogue is the potential and past customers shows you who cares about the product more. You really need to come up with something better than try screen recording because that doesn’t wash with me.

Prezi could be the tool to create your own animated movies - too bad they don’t care about this incredible potential…

I am a volunteer and provided a solution why “for some reason [he] still [got] updates from this forum, and Prezi refuse to unsubscribe me”. This forum account is different to the Prezi account. And judging from his wording, there wasn’t a lot of persuasion possible any more. It is only normal for users to jump ship, if the don’t find the functions they want in a particular product. It is Prezi’s decision whether or not to implement the functions that are requested by users. I would also like to see more of that, as I also constantly voice feature requests. But don’t be mad at forum volunteers when they don’t immediately code whatever you wish.

This was just the 1st incident :wink:

Finally some people had some awesome ideas… go go go Prezi. Listen to those customers and especially “Info”. I think that voice is making a lot of sense. You would be opening up for a whole new game with a product like yours (joining the youtube idea i.e.)

One year and no integration…? Why does Get Satisfaction state that 'This has already been implemented?


So the big question is - why no crafty developers out creating a landing page with;

  1. upload your prezi autoplay here
  2. please wait a moment…
  3. voila here’s your prezi video - select your own format and tell prezi management to buy us when they get tired of ignoring their customers.


Prezi is a great tool, and I haven’t found anything similar for making unique and engaging presentations. I think a direct export to video/YouTube would make a lot of users very happy. I understand developing this feature may cost more than their cash flow will support, and if they don’t have the capital to invest in the development of this feature, it won’t get done. Creative people (like us users) come up with creative solutions, and the most efficient solution often bubbles up to the top.

There are options for those who want/have to output to video. Camtasia is expensive. It’s out of the running for many. Camstudio is free, but it creates large files that need to be compressed after recording. Screencastomatic seems to be a very simple way to capture (no software to install), and they have a direct output to video and YouTube. It’s an extra step, but the easiest one I’ve see so far. I can live with one extra step in the process is the quality is up to my standards. I will be experimenting with this combo (Prezi + Screencastomatic) in the near future.

I agree with the video export would be nice? Is there any video software that does this kind of thing? Does anyone know?