Create virtual backgrounds for Zoom

Does Prezi Video have virtual backgrounds like Zoom to use when using Zoom?

Hi @Tom_UX_Chang, Prezi currently does not have a virtual background feature, I will however forward your feedback to our product team.

Thanks Bart, not everyone has a nice home office (not saying that I don’t) but if Prezi could use Zoom’s virtual backgrounds or replace them, the host can now to control the user experience and lessen the distractions in host’s office.

Hello @Tom_UX_Chang, we’re currently developing a feature in Prezi Design that will allow you to create virtual backgrounds for Zoom.

It will be released soon, we’ll let you know when it’s out! :slight_smile:

Thanks Catarina.

Will this feature allow using files that we downloaded, created by Prezi, or created with Prezi?

And also allow the use of Zoom virtual backgrounds that we have downloaded?

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Hello @Tom_UX_Chang, for now we still can’t disclose the details of the feature, but as soon as it’s out we’ll explain everything and how you can create your virtual backgrounds with it! :slight_smile:

Thanks Catarina, I can’t wait but thanks to Vince’s webinars, I think I have some workarounds that will keep me centered (hint) and surrounded by whatever I present.


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