Creating a classroom account for middle school students


Hello. I would like to teach my class of 7th grade students how to use Prezi to make presesntations because they are very creative. How do I set up a classroom account for them? They each have school emails. Do you recommend that I do it prior to their next class, next Monday. Or should I have them do it together as a class? Any tips and advice is appreciated.
Thank you!
Penny Murnane
Librarian and Technology Teacher St. Martins-In-The-Field School


@Penelope_Murnane, please know that we can only support the usage of Prezi by students who are 13 and older.

If your students are at least 13, they can easily set up Edu Standard accounts with their educational emails. And should they have any issues, you can easily reach us here, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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