Creating a timeline in Prezi Next

Hi, am completing a personal timeline with Prezi - is there a way to show automatic connector lines between Topics (my bubbles) rather than having to insert arrows/lines between each circle (bubble)?

Thanks for any insight/help here! Regards, Fi

Hi @Fi_Abraham, if you move the cursor above the line then you’ll be able to set the opacity. Check this video, and please let me know if it helped :slight_smile:

Hi Kata,

Thanks for the info – not sure what I’m doing wrong (or not doing). These are the ‘invisible’ lines that connect each text box. When I click to edit a text box they disappear, but as
it’s a personal timeline, I want to show the tracking over the years…hope that makes sense?

Thanks for any further tips.

Kind regards Fi


Hi @Fi_Abraham, could you share a screenshot of this part of your prezi with me? I’m happy to help.

Hi Kata,

Can you see attached hopefully? Yellow lines are the ones I’m trying to make ‘stay’ rather than be invisible!

Thank you!

Kata, I think it’s only actual lines I can change isn’t it…not the ‘invisible lines’ that link topics. What a shame unable!


Hi @Fi_Abraham, thanks for the screenshot. Unfortunately, that is correct. These lines that connect the topics just show you the way of the path - they are not actual lines. I’m afraid the only workaround would be to insert actual lines to connect these.