creating and editig prezis on iPhone


I really regret, that it is impossible to edit and create prezis on iPhone. The iPad app is really good, because it allows you to make some little corrections of prezi just before presentation (even if you have no connection with the internet), more to it you can accually create a prezi in every place, with no need of being online (very useful). On the iPhone you’re only allowed to store prezis and present them. And what is even worse there is kept only last viewed prezi in iPhone’s memomry. Why won’t you make the prezi iPad app IOS universal? Prezi features are so simple indeed, that it would be possible to fit all the iPad controlls to the iPhone’s screens, especially, that now there is the 6+ with 5,5 inch FHD display.

Dear Stefan,

Thank you very much for letting us know your needs on this!I am going to forward this to the product managers.

Warm regards,
István Csúsz

It’s been two years. Why haven’t you implemented this

Lame. I can’t even fix my presentation from my phone when my computer isn’t working. What kind of system is this

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I agree

I’m trying to complete a Prezi for my World History High School class so I NEED TO BE ABLE TO EDIT MY PRESENTATION ON MY IPHONE. But I CAN’T BECAUSE HOOVER DAM PREZI WON’T LET MY PHONE DO THAT!

But how can I do it on a chromebook at school, BUT I CAN NOT EDIT MY PREZI ON MY IPHONE?!?!!!