Creating circles within circles-how do i do it?


Greetings all- I am a newbie- how do i create circles within circles, and then click on each circle to show what i want to present on each circle close up? Please tell!
thanks so much


Would you like to have something like this as the end result?

This was made with adding three smaller shapes on top of a bigger one and adding 3 zoom areas on top of each black circle.


Thanks so much Lana- in fact I want create five circles within circles, getting smaller and smaller?


If I understood you correctly, this is how you can achieve that result:


Dear Lana
Yes! That is what I want to do. Though in fact I would go the other direction, starting with the inner circle and moving outwards - I need six circles.
How do I do it? I can’t see how on the insert tab.
Thanks so much


If you would rather move outwards, you can place faded-in circular shapes one on top of another like this: