Creating custom video templates

Is there any way to customize video templates to adjust and enlarge the amount of space the slide content takes up on the screen.

I’d like to be able to make the content slide area on the right to take up half of the screen with a small border at the Edges and the left 50% be for me on the video.

Is this possible in the editor or is it possible to have the custom template made even by a 3rd party?

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Hello @Don_Cooper , you can try to create a presentation and then convert it into a Prezi Video. You can check this article, which will show how to convert your Prezi Presentation into a Prezi video, creating a presentation will let you customize it better.

Let me know if this was helpful.

is it possible to have a template where the slides appear over the other shoulder? All the templates at the moment appear on one side…

Hi @simon_holley, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answer above?

Thanks @Bart - I find Prezi present so complicated to use. I’ve tried several times and find it a nightmare. I love the simplicity of Prezi video. Because I write training for both in person and zoom I create one google slides document (which I can use for live) and then import to Prezi video and boom - I’m in business! I found importing google slides in to Prezi present and working out to get a simple presentation like Prezi video produces very tricky - I could never work it out…

Hi @simon_holley, thanks for the feedback, I’ll forward it to our product team.

I would recommend you to check out our Learn page as well, you might find some useful resources there. :slight_smile:

Hey Prezi, is there an update to the question of how to adjust the size of your own video? screen real estate for content needs to be larger for business presentations or for watching on mobile devices.

Hi @Ingo_Bernhardt, there is no change on this at the moment, you should be able to create a custom template using Prezi Present, but there is no way at the moment to adjust the size of your own video feed.