Creating folders

I recently created an Edu Plus Account. Is it possible to create folders? I have tried creating folders as I teach multiple grade levels by selecting “new folder” along the left margin of the page but the folder does not save. Could it be because I am still in the “trial” phase? Or do I need to upgrade to be able to organize my presentations? I read that in Prezi, folders are “tags”. I am not sure how this works or where I can view the “tags”. All I know is that I have been selecting “new folder” to create a folder and I cannot find the folders I create. All my presentations appear in one place, under “all presentations”.

Hi @Luz_Cervantes, your Edu Plus license should not limit your folder creation.
Please note that once you have clicked on the “New Folder” button, you have to type in a folder name, then hit enter to save that folder.

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I was able to figure it out.

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