Creating links that jump to other parts of the Prezi


It would be great if it were possible to link to different parts of the Prezi presentation - this would give Prezi a more dynamic use for web, allowing the viewer to click to whatever area they are interested in. This would do a lot for viewer navigation within a Prezi, expanding Prezi’s potential of being a simple web-design tool in itself.

If I get you right, you want to link to a specific part of your Prezi. This already works. You simply need to create a path and then go to the area you want to link to. Simply copy the url from the browser and there you go.


would you use links to create webpage or you would use to present without a path with more freedom?


I think Dasikas is wanting to be able to jump to another part of a prezi without following a path. A clickable area/interactive button that will take you to a specific frame (based on where you decide to go). Nail this feature and you have a Flash killer.

I think Rob has it correct. From my perspective if you could have a Prezi embedded in a web page and then other links on that webpage that could trigger the prezi to move to a particular view, that would be huge. A bit like an external Table of Contents that allowed the user to select where they wanted to jump to in the presentation.

Another way of describing this is to hyperlink to another part of the prezi but along a controlled path. The path has to be part of this cool feature. I want users to read a screen in a Prezi and choose what to view next. But I want to controll the path, thus showing off other parts of the prezi as the user moves to the selected portion of the prezi.

I’m happy

Wow. I don’t understand this…and having ability to manipulate paths this way (create “splits” and “joins” as you say) is certainly not obvious. It would be great to see a demonstration of this.

I can’t make your suggestion work. Can you please demonstrate?
I can hyperlink to a specific step in the path IF and ONLY IF I’m in “Edit” mode; but doesn’t that assume that my visitor needs ‘Edit’ permission? What if I want to hyperlink an anonymous viewer to a specific element in a Prezi?

I’ll jump in here…
One of the pet peeves I have with PDF documents on the web is that there’s no way to hyperlink from a web page to a specific page or heading in a PDF document.

There doesn’t appear to be a way, within Prezi, to link to a specific view, element, or step in a path. It would be fantastic to be able to hyperlink from anywhere on the web to a specific view in a Prezi.…

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Many thanks! This functionality is very helpful.

I published the prezi screen video showing how it is created…

I published the prezi screen video showing how it is created…

Look at the Prezi Intro Video on YouTube. The presentation starts with zooming in on the word “Create” and there is nothing around it. When the continue button is pressed and the screen zooms out, there is material around the word “Create” that was not originally there. This was NOT completed in Prezi, unless there is some kind of tunneling feature that we have not been told about. This is what the original question dealt with. The path is great… Tunneling would be a great addition.

I’ve been thinking that a way to do this is to create a separate prezi for the “side” information, and then somehow (I know my students did this) add that prezi to the big one. So the “big” could have a path, 1-2-3- and a 4 that links to the inserted prezi, with its own path once you get there (say a-b-c-) which then links back to the original (“big”) Prezi. I’m going to try this, but will probably need my students to help me…

I also need to have several paths through my presentation. It should be easy enough for individual viewers working alone to follow different paths depending on the buttons/items they click on – these could be options they want to follow, or be their answers to test questions. It should flow for each user like a video game or tailored learning experience.

Peter Verhas has invented a clever work-around, which I didn’t really understand until I watched his YouTube tutorial. (Roel has a similar solution at…, but I didn’t understand it until I saw Peter’s video.)

Peter and Roel’s solutions are clever, but complex to use in practice when there are multiple paths that branch out and come together again. And there can be glitches for the user, as seen in Peter’s video.

What I would like – Prezi reps I hope you see this – is to be able to have several paths in a Prezi. So, in edit mode click on Path, and have the option to start a new path as well as continue using the existing path. Different paths could start from different items, and end at the same item (or loop back to where they started from). This would be intuitive in terms of the Prezi user interface style, and would be much better than having a UI that was like PowerPoint’s way doing this, with internal hyperlinks attached to items.

Meanwhile, I’ll watch to see if hermit980’s students have really found an easy and reliable work-around …

hermit980 – any news on how your students add separate prezis into the main one? It might be a solution I could use …

I’m buried in accreditation stuff this week, but I just tried to do it with my two prezi’s. its actually dumber than you might imagine. make a big frame around you entire prezi (this can have frames inside it) put your cursor outside a corner, hold down shift, drag, and it all becomes highlighted (like in most programs) hit (on a MAC) command-C (or Copy, just like you do in any program). The it is on your clipboard (a place that always makes me nervous). Open your other Prezi and Paste, like usual. I haven’t fooled with the paths yet, because this is all about how disorganized this info is in my little mind. I don’t know what would happen if the prezi you copy already had paths, but give it a try.

This also works if you want to move a bunch of stuff in a frame altogether. SOmetimes getting the little hand without getting the zebra tool is a bit fussy.

Thanks for these tips, hermit980. I’ve tried several ways of doing this. First, the copy-paste worked for me in Safari but not in Firefox – probably because of my settings in Firefox. Second, and more importantly, the copy-paste didn’t bring across the path in the copied frame (only the elements came across), so the aim of effectively getting several paths (or sub-paths) in the main frame didn’t work. Tried it in several ways (eg copying when in Path mode, etc) but couldn’t get a good result. Any further ideas greatly appreciated!