Creating links to external web pages and between pages

I can’t seem to add links between pages or to external web pages from Prezi Design pages, and it looks as if this is a feature that’s only available with a Premium account. Is that correct? It seems quite wrong for such a basic feature.

Hi @Paul_Ireson, could you please detail which product you are having issues with?

Hi Bart,

It’s Prezi Present. Apologies, I said Prezi Design in the post…

Hello @Paul_Ireson, currently, linking to a different page is only available in Prezi Design and with a higher-tier license.
In Prezi Present you can currently link to external web pages using objects and images as hyperlinks.

I cannot see how to link to external web pages in Prezi Present: please clarify.

Also please clarify which higher-tier license is required in Prezi Design to enable sideways linking to other pages,

Hello @Paul_Ireson, Hyperlinking is possible following this article.

You can find more details about interlinking in Prezi Design here.

Thanks. How can I link an image or shape to a URL in Prezi Present?

Hello @Paul_Ireson, please check the 2nd paragraph in the article I have linked about Hyperlinking.