Creating my first presentation fails, CORS errors, cannot raise support ticket

Sign up with a basic account, click on create new presentation, bunch of CORS and other javascript errors, doesnt create the presentation. Cannot create a support ticket because basic account doesnt have access. Giving up.

Hello @Josh_Weir, looks like the problem is that your computer or browser does not fully meet the system requirements. Please consult this tutorial in which you can find the system requirements and the list of supported browsers. Also I would suggest making sure a firewall or another security software is not preventing you from accessing Prezi. If you have any other questions or need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

Hi @Sara
I have a macbook pro that is less than a year old with 16gb memory, my chrome browser is fully up to date. Looking at the javascript errors in the screenshot, i dont see how the CORS error can be related to specs - its a CORS error between your client code and your server code. There is also http 429 too many requests errors, server responds with this error when it needs to throttle client, perhaps the company i work at uses prezi a lot and has throttled us. But that seems silly and unusual considering you need to create an account to use prezi.

Hello @Josh_Weir, can you please try deleting cache and cookies in your browser? Let me know if this solves the problem.