Creating own forms

Hey, I would like to create my own form, as in the template " Around a theme". It should be a circular shape, but with 5 areas, because there are only 5 topics i´d like to present. In the separations of the areas I want my background to be the colour fill. Is there any posibility to make that work? i know it´s possible in Powerpoint. i tried to export my powerpoint creation to Prezi, but that did not work.

Hi @Michael_Wagner, could you please let me know if this is a Prezi Present or Prezi Design template?

Could you share a full screenshot of the template so I can better help you?

Hey Bart,

i use Prezi Next so i guess it´s Prezi Present. When i create a new Template, i use the one in the first screenshot. As you can see in the 2nd screenshot, my background photo shines through the lines in the mid circle. It´s one Illustration, which can´t be changed in it´s form. I want it to look like screenshot three. I created this in Powerpoint, trying to import it to Prezi. It kinda worked, but it´s very blurred and does not look great

Screenshot 2022-03-17 185855

Hi @Michael_Wagner, please note that this specific object in the presentation template is a specific PDF file with transparent background, therefore it is not editable inside Prezi.

If you can create this form in a 3rd party software and save it as a PDF with transparent background you should be able to import it into Prezi Present.

Hope this helps!