Creating Prezi's that are 48:9 or Sharing Using Multiple Screens

Question for anyone out there. Is it possible to create Prezi’s that have 48:9 screen ratios? Or (if this is not possible) is it possible to get a presentation to run on three screens.

We tried to present something on the weekend and our TripleHead2Go (x3 screen gizmo) and ProPresenter don’t work with Prezi…so i was limited to just the centre screen. Each screen is a 16:9.

Anyone out there have any ideas?

Hi Adam!

Unfortunately Prezi does not support the 48:9 aspect ratio that you are looking for, an aspect ration that is much wider and more like a film. Presenting on screens such as TripleHead2Go with the three screens options will result in what you have experienced, that the prezi will run on only one of those machines, or it will be stretched out.

Currently we supported the following aspect rations:
4:3 and 16:9 and you can alter this if you so need if your projector uses a different aspect ratio to your computer or iPad. 

For more information about aspect ratios please see our knowledge base here: (Aspect ratio)

Kind regards,


Hi Adam,

I’m not sure if you’ve solved this issue or not, but we’ve had to come up with a solution for a similar situation – we have two screens side by side, also projecting through ProPresenter, and wanted to use Prezi – so if it helps, here’s what we came up with. 

What I did, as the creator of the Prezis, was to set up each Prezi in a 16:9 aspect ratio, then create a transparent PNG file with black bars on the top and bottom, according to what our actual screen dimensions were (lots of trial-and-error to initially figure this out). I added some grid lines to the PNG image, for my own help in laying out each slide, then imported this image file onto each new slide (or copy and paste once it’s been imported initially). That way, I got to keep working within Prezi’s 16:9 parameters, but knew where to stay within the boundaries of where our screen would cut off the slide, top and bottom. (But don’t forget to delete this PNG image before saving the final Prezi – and be careful not to lose any of the slides on the path that may be attached to the PNG rather than the invisible frame!) 

As for a workaround for ProPresenter, I just download the finished Prezi file (non-editable) onto a laptop, from which we run a video output cable straight to our software/hardware (Watchout, in our case) to send straight to the projectors, bypassing ProPresenter altogether. It works perfectly, once everything is set up.

Hope that helps! Best of luck to you.

– Pam