Credit Card Issues

I am trying to upgrade to a Plus account but it is giving me an error message every time I try to enter my credit card information (using an AMEX). Has anyone had this issue?

Hi @Ashtyn_Smith, it seems like the payment went through, I can confirm that you have an active Plus subscription.

Im running into the same issue. Ive used a Visa and amex and different browsers but it wont let me upgrade so i am unable to unlock new features. I am also unable to chat or call because you need to be upgraded. Can anyone help me?

Hola, no puedo pagar para tener prezi plus, pueden ayudarme, saludos

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Hello @zaiba.jetpuri, what error message do you see when trying to make the payment? You can reach out to our Account and Payments team directly at +1-415-658-6292 (Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM ET), regardless of the type of license you have.

Hola @David_Becerril_Ruiz, disculpe cualquier error, estoy usando un software de traducción. ¿Puede por favor intentar abrir Prezi en un navegador diferente o usar una tarjeta diferente? También puede enviar una solicitud de ayuda directamente a nuestro equipo de Cuentas y pagos en esta página.

HI sara, I get a generic error message. I have now tried this on multiple computers as well as my own cell phone. Nothing will let me unlock or upgrade. I have also called the number you directed me to 6 times this morning and receive a generic automated
message that there are other people being helped right now and it directs me to the website, and then there is an option you can press if you want to wait but the call automatically hangs up once you press it so I don’t have a way to leave a message or hold
to wait for someone.


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Hello @zaiba.jetpuri, one of my colleagues got back to you via email, they will be able to assist you.

I have been trying to upgrade my account with CC i tried through my laptop and also with different browsers it keeps giving me the message “Your request could not be processed”
I even tried with PayPal it gives me the same message.

Please help

Hello @Madi_AlMadi, I can confirm that the payment went through yesterday and your license is active.

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Same problem. Not possible to pay. Only get an error message; Something went wrong…
help !!!§

Hello @Truls_Birkeland, your license is active now and the payment has been processed, please let us know if you need further assistance.

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