Cropped borders on Tablet with Google Meet

I’m preparing a Prezi presentation to broadcast via Google Meet.
I did some tests using my notebook, my cell phone and my tablet connected in different accounts. The screen size / resolution makes the video appear different on each device. In the tablet, the edges are cut (losing a lot in the presentation of the content).

Any tips on how to get around this?

Hi @Igor_Adrian_Vaz, could you please send me a few screenshots demonstrating these issues?

What is the exact model of the tablet? How are you broadcasting your presentation to Google Meet exactly?

Hi Bart,

Thanks for answering.

I am attaching 3 photos.

  1. How I put together the presentation and how it appears on my Laptop screen in Prezi.
  2. How the presentation appears in a meeting via Google Meet on my cellphone. (Xiaomi Redmi S2: 5.99-inch display and a resolution of 720x1440 pixels)
    (Image in the next reply)
  3. How the presentation appears in a meeting via Google Meet on my Tablet (Xiaomi Mi Pad 3: 7.90-inch display with and a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels).
    (Image in the next reply)

On the tablet the side edges are cut and on the cell phone the top and bottom edges.
If you think you are going to present to an audience with different device models, this difference in how the presentation appears on different screens should be taken into account.

From this test I am adapting my presentation and placing all the elements more centralized.

I imagine that the problem may be in Google Meet that does not adapt the “capture vs the screen” to show all content …

Image 2 - Cellphone:

Image 3 - Tablet:

Hi @Igor_Adrian_Vaz, thanks for the detailed report and the images.
If I see it correctly you are presenting your content with Prezi Video to a Goole Meet meeting from your laptop, right?

Are you using the Google Meet app for your phone and tablet?

Hi Bart,
You’re right. I’m presenting from Prezi Video (on my laptop).

Both on mobile and tablet I am using the Google Meet app.
I have already done tests by starting the call from the laptop, cell phone and tablet. The result is the same …

Hi @Igor_Adrian_Vaz, thanks for the details.

Is this only happening if you have the Prezi Video virtual camera selected on your presenter side?
What happens if you switch to the normal camera? Does the image get better on your mobile and tablet?

Hi Bart,

I just did this test. It really seems to be a Google Meet issue.
In normal meetings (without using Prezi Video) the same problem happens. Cuts on the sides of the video on the tablet and cuts on the top and bottom on the mobile screen.
It’s really a shame as Google Meet doesn’t have many configuration options for video.

Hi @Igor_Adrian_Vaz, I’m sorry to hear that.
I would advise you to contact Google’s Meet specific support in this case.

Hey Bart,

Already did that. Even though I have no hope that they will do anything about it.

Anyway, the alert is for anyone who is going to put together a Prezi video presentation to take this issue into account.