CSS editor


I was quite comfortable with using CSS on Prezi Classic; however, I can’t find the CSS box in the Prezi Next. Can somebody tell me if it is still somewhere I might overlook. Thank you guys!

Middle eastern text (RTL) support

CSS editor is not available in Prezi Next, I’m afraid. Sorry for any inconvenience it might cause!


Thanks for your apply. So, in what substitute ways may I modify the styles of the contents? I need to use Traditional Chinese web font to display on Prezi. Thank you again!


Currently, Chinese fonts are not yet supported in Prezi Next. I apologize for any inconvenience.

What I can suggest you as a workaround is to insert the Chinese text in PDF or image format.

As I understand this is not ideal, I’ll pass your request on to our Product Managers!


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There’s no way to open Css editor in Prezi next عزیزجان! :unamused:


@Hossein_Mf CSS editor is still not available in Prezi Next, I’m afraid.


Where is the CSS editor?


@ahmed_alharthy there is no CSS editor is in Prezi Next for the time being, but I’ve merged your question to the respective feature request thread.


Thanks for your answer