Curious if you can make a Prezi too big (too much content)?

I’m creating a Prezi for a keynote speech. I’m putting a ton (maybe 150) pictures and maybe 3 (25meg videos) content in it - when done it will likely have 300 frames/steps. My Question: Is there a limit to how much you can put in a file? I’d hate to see it be slow and clunky if the file is too big. Any advice from people who use Prezi alot?

I have had issues with a Prezi using over 100 images! Could only use the online version to present with the large versions. Offline was a struggle/nightmare and resulted in recreating smaller Prezis. PowerPoint 2016 now has similar Prezi zoom and pan effects, It needs more planning in PowerPoint, but the image count fear isn’t a problem.

I constantly hit the limits of Prezi. Drives me nuts. my file (when downloaded) is around 4gb and it crashes everything but firefox running on fast computers. The problem i run in to now is that the canvas size is limited (why?!) so I often get the “too big or too small” error. URGH!

I didn’t think it was extraordinary - prezi prizes itself on creating interactive presentation tools. I have 140 slides with about 40 embedded videos and 200 embedded images. They should really know that kind of thing will exist. The core prezi engine has not got a makeover in a LOT of years. Way to loose customers.