Custom Colours


Hi there. Please explain how the custom colours work. I am not sure what to type after the #.

I am trying to match the available colours to my corporate colours.



Custom fonts in Prezi Next

In order to define a custom color, you must enter its hex(adecimal) code after the # in the Custom color field. This way, you can use colors that aren’t available by default from the color palette.

Hex codes are a common format for specifying colors. If you have your corporate colors in an image, but don’t know their hex codes, this method will help you reveal them.


Is there a way to change the preset colors for a specific prezi? So you don’t have to type the hex code every single time you want to use that color.


Hi Jody!

I have yet to find a solution for this! when you first create a Prezi it has all colours and fonts setup for you! I’ve found if you formate a topic how you like e.g. colours and type, you can copy and past this and it will add it into your overview.

For example;

I create a new blank topic, change the planet colour and text to the style i want.
go in and add subtopics, formate the colours and text again.

This will become the basis of a ‘Template’. you can now copy and past it how ever many topics you need.

I made a short screen recording of how i do it.

Hope this helps!