Custom fonts in Prezi Next

Come on Prezi. Infrequent but long time user that has subscribed for some time too.

Custom fonts is not too much to ask. Wordpad in windows 98 had custom fonts. If you want to be a professional tool and walk with PowerPoint, keynote or slides, fonts arent optional.

Are you ever going to add them, or should I cancel my subscription?


Hello @Mustard_Post_Product, I am afraid that currently it’s not possible to add custom fonts, and we keep forwarding all the feedback to our development team. For now, the only workaround is to upload your text as a PDF or an image.

Prezi is useless without this feature. What an absolute shame and complete waste of money. The fact that you could accomplish this in older versions of Prezi and can no longer do so is an embarrassment. What is with companies restructuring and updating programs only to lose INCREDIBLY VALUABLE features? Absolutely ridiculous.


Will be ending my subscription soon if fonts aren’t fixed. No point having an app to make work presentations when i can’t use our mandatory custom font. No - you don’t have one that is similar

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I urgently need the font Verdana. I can’t use prezi without Verdana? How can I add it? That can’t be so hard to use. I urgently need help…
Inserting text elements as PDF or image is not a solution…


Hello @Lukas_Gebbeken, currently it’s not possible to insert custom fonts in Prezi Next, but as a workaround you can use the Noto Sans font once it’s very similar.

It’s been 2 years and still we can’t have this option. From contacting I understand that some fonts can’t be used due to licensing. But at least give us the ability to have the fonts in our local Prezi folder so it can be used with Prezi desktop.

And saying a workaround is to make an image or PDF is not a workaround. It’s a pain in the ass to do and even more of a pain to edit.

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How disappointing!! I just realized that it´s not possible to customize fonts on Prezi. A knock-out criteria for any professional business presentation. Prezi is useless without this feature. We had planned to move forward from Powerpoint into Prezi with the whole company. Not so any more… complying to CI standards is an absolute MUST.
@Prezi: Are you planning to integrate that feature in the near future??

Any chance this can be tagged with intent, like “under discussion” or “not planned”, to better understand if this has priority or not, please?

Dear community, your feedbacks are much appreciated. Improving our fonts possibilities in Prezi Next is under discussion in our product team. As soon as we have further updates we will let you know.


Разработан специальный шрифт для запоминания Sans ForgeticaСделайте сильный ход-внедрите этот шрифт в комплект шрифтов PREZI. И вы получите конкурентное преимущество перед PP и FOCUSKY.

Привет @_leto,
Хорошо знать. Спасибо за ваш отзыв! Я передам это нашей команде разработчиков. Улыбки

Its just a few days I finally gave money to use prezi professionally. And now I have to know, that it is impossible to use prezi professional. Thanks to questinonable business politics, it is not possible to use even common fonts other as prezi´s own. That is absolutely not acceptable. To tell anybody “use this instead of that, cause its similar” is no solution, but at least annoying. Similar isn´t the same. We build on CD and CI to have it exactly, not similar. I´d like to use prezi pretty much, cause its so much better in so many ways. But not to have the ability to use my CD-fonts is an absolut no go. No substitute given is worth a thought, I don´t plan to insert PDF in my presentations. If I plan to do so, I can use PDF and conventional presentation as well. So I leave prezi before I could use it once.
I´m sorry for my loss of money and time. And for losing such a nice idea, but its gone. I read the whole thread. 2 years of waiting for nothing? I need a solution now, not in a distant future.
So I will continue using PowerPoint and Keynote, not because they are better, but the only solution for professional use. What a shame.

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Hi there - is there any way we can import different FONTS into Prezi? I would like to use POPPINS. Thanks

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Hello @Emma_Dundas, I have merged your question into the relevant thread. Currently it is not possible to import fonts unfortunately. I apologize for any inconvenience. As a workaround I would suggest editing your text outside of Prezi and then inserting it into your presentation in PDF format.

Hi there,
what is the current state of this feature. We are currently planning to use Prezi professionally in the university environment, but no possibility to use our CD-fonts is an exclusion criterion for the use of Prezi.

Regards Andreas

Hello @Andreas_Keck, currently custom fonts are not in our roadmap, but we’ll make sure to transmit your feedback to our product team :slight_smile:

How do I import google fonts into Prezi?



Hello @Krishna_Mistry, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently it’s not possible to import Google fonts into Prezi Next, but I will forward your feedback to our product team :slight_smile:

You can’t and more than likely it will never happen. :frowning: