Custom fonts in Prezi Next

Hello, I love Prezi and I will buy it soon. However, you should work on the new font. I especially needed UTF-8 or Latin Extended fonts.

You should also add 3D icons to your icon library.

Thanks a lot…

Hello @Volkan_Verdi, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently, adding those fonts/icons is not in our roadmap, but we will send your feedback to our product team :slight_smile:

My subscription is up in less than a month. I won’t be renewing without this feature. I love Prezi because of its engaging look and feel but my presentations are on the topic of branding. If I can’t use my own branded fonts in my presentations, there is no point for me.

Please reach out if this feature is ever incorporated.


I just signed up for the free trial and instantly hit the font problem. Unbelievable. This is not negotiable.

Hi, I want to add fonts like Montserrat and Arial. Anyway to do this on a free account?


Hello @Gareth_Rafferty, I’ve merged your post into the relevant thread. Currently it’s not possible to import fonts into Prezi Next unfortunately, but I will forward your feedback to our product team.

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This has been going on for 2 years and still you have done nothing?
It is a major feature and you HAVE GOT TO keep your users in mind since we need to work with clients with VERY SPECIFIC needs, such as Corporate Identity fonts!

Your note says we should criticize ideas, not people, but seriously, you guys are the ones needing to address this and you still haven’t done anything about it, so now we should criticize you. I have a client very particular about their corporate promotional guidelines and now I must tell them I cannot use their font?

What if I lose the project just because Prezi is not taking our feedback seriously?
I am seriously requesting that your management see this post and do something about it ASAP!

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Good luck. . .we have been asking about this since 2017 and still nothing. . .

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Wonderful thread, I can say :slight_smile:

Prezi guys — could you please let us know, what is so problematic with the Google Fonts at least?

Licensing? All the Google Fonts catalogue is free and open source.

And at least from guys from Cyrillic languages they will offer at least some selection.

Because in the fancy list you currently have in Prezi only 2-3 fonts have Cyrillic typeface.

I’m paying for this software for 3 years now. But I’m pretty tired that nothing is changing.

And could you please don’t answer like “I will get it to the product team blah-blah”?

I brief explanation why is it so problematic will be enough.

Hello @Fedor_B-O, unfortunately we cannot disclose our roadmap or the reasons behind decisions regarding feature implementation. I apologize for any inconvenience and will forward your feedback to the appropriate team.

Hello Prezi & Prezi designers,

Back in August of 2017, I believe I started this string regarding available fonts in Prezi. But this issue goes back much farther than that. Over the past 10+ years, Prezi has been pressed to include a better, more robust font option when they make improvements to the software. Nothing happens. It would be good to know what loyal Prezi users can expect regarding the availability of fonts going forward. A less cryptic response would be more respectful too.



So, according to the given guidelines, I criticize the idea:

The idea of not telling your customers why is it so hard to implement the decision that technically looks quite easy.

Because this idea creates a simple feeling that the company you are paying money for the service simply doesn’t care about you. At all.

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We need to have the capability to add custom fonts to a presentation for one of our clients. Is this functionality Prezi offers?

Hello @Darren_Holyoak, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Currently it’s not possible to insert custom fonts in Prezi Next, but improving our fonts possibilities is under discussion in our Product team :slight_smile:

We still all need that feature!. It shouldn’t be discussed it should already been there for a long time ago now…
Thanks for every attempt to push the prezi team implement this.
They knew how to do it they should still know and do it.

more than 2 years have gone and still no changes, fonts are still problem with prezi

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