Custom fonts in Prezi Next

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Just a heads up: our teams started to work on adding a huge amount of Google fonts! Will keep you updated.



How can I add my corporate font into text function?


Bonjour, je n’ai pas la réponse puisque je me pose la même question. Mais je suis sur prezi en mode gratuit, et vous ?

Hi @To_Chi, @Esther_Delattre, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Please note, that adding a custom font directly is only available with Team licenses starting from 10 seats, but as you can see above a Google Fonts integration is coming up in the future which would provide you with a lot more options.

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Is there a list of Google fonts which you are adding
Also, when will this update be available?


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Hi @Lura_Albee, most of the Google Fonts will be available (around a 1000), but the feature is still under development. I’m not able to share our roadmap unfortunately.

Hi all,

I have some great news to share. As you might have realised, we just added 13 more default fonts to the Prezi Next editor, which also includes Garamond (called EB Garamond, as this is the Google Font version). And this is only the first step.
Our teams are finalising the work on adding all Google Fonts, so hopefully in a few weeks you all will have 1025 fonts to pick from. We also added a UI that makes it very easy for you to personalise your default font list that appears in the editor from that point on.

I know it’s still not custom fonts, but it’s a lot more variety when you edit your presentations.



This is GREAT news! Thanks for the notification.

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Hi guys,

I have a question. Is it possible to insert elements like fonts into a new project because of corporate identity?

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Refine_Projects, I merged your post with the relevant thread. It’s not possible to insert custom fonts in Prezi Next, but as @Zsuzsa mentioned in the previous post, we are currently expanding our fonts library so you will have plenty of choices available soon :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!

Hi Zsuza,

I need to add CA Saygon as a font. I believe the only way to add custom fonts without having to worry about licensing is with the Desktop version (plus license) by adding keg, swf or ttf files in the folder and changing the CSS style. Could you confirm this?

From this link I understand this is possible:


Hello @Joshua_Sanz, PreziBase is an independent provider and this article is related to Prezi Classic :slight_smile:

But in relation to the fonts, we are currently working on expanding our Library by adding Google Fonts to it, but you won’t be able to upload your own custom font, so I advise you to browse through the Google options and check if there’s anything similar to the CA Saygon.

Hope this could help!

Thanks Catarina, how soon would those fonts be available to use in Prezi Next?

Hello @Joshua_Sanz, as @Zsuzsa mentioned here we already added some fonts and the others will come in the next weeks :slight_smile:

What release were the 13 fonts added? In Prezi Next 1.30 I see only about 2 dozen fonts to choose from. Garamond is not listed as you said it should be. In messages like this it’s important to indicate the version where new features have or will appear. A link to the specific release note would help.

Your subscribers are independent designers or in companies that often purchase branded and sanctioned fonts (e.g. Adobe Minion Pro). Fonts change all the time. Instead of adding a static and fixed list of fonts that Prezi believes are currently the best, why not empower us, your users, to add our own fonts.

Hi there,

Every new feature gets released on the web first, and we release it in our desktop apps as fast as possible, but this might take a few weeks.
I understand our current solution might not solve all your font-related problems, for now we are going to add Google fonts, so you will be able to choose from 1025 fonts in the Prezi Editor soon. We plan to add further font options later - but I can’t share a timeline for that yet.


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