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Hello @Kathrina_Micheels, thanks for sharing your request with us, we’ll raise this to the Product team and let you know if there any developments :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m using Prezi with the font “Verdana”.
But now isn’t possible to use this font.

Have you got a solution to import this font ?
Thank you

Hi @Jean-Michel_DELOUARD, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Currently, you can use a wide range of Google Fonts in our products, but you are not able to import a specific font.

Thanks for your answer.
But could you explain to me why i could use the Verdana font last week and this is no longer possible ?
My company documents are all written with the Verdana font, what are your best alternatives to the Verdana font in the meantime ?

Hi @Jean-Michel_DELOUARD, could you please detail a bit more what do you mean by using the Verdana last week? How did you use it exactly? Were you importing PPT files?

Here is an article looking at alternatives for Verdana, if any of these come in Google Fonts it should be available in Prezi as well.

There is a font I need to use for a specific one-time project – and the font is called TODD.
I have downloaded it to my computer for free from here:

I am really excited about using Prezi and telling the world so I can bring you more business - but I MUST use this font and using it as a pdf is just way too time-consuming for me.

Please advise.

Thank you so so much!
Elyssa Phillips

Hello @ELYSSA_PHILLIPS, our fonts library is connected to Google Fonts, and unfortunately that specific font can’t be found there.

We have several available fonts with a “handwriting” style, many similar to the one you sent. You can check how to access them here.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

This definitely helps and thank you very much.
If at any time we are allowed to add custom fonts, I hope there is a way I can be alerted!

Thank you for all that you do!

Hi @ELYSSA_PHILLIPS, we’ll update this thread if this feature will be implemented. :slight_smile: