Custom logo with single user licenses?

Is there any option (as I had it in Classic version) to include a logotype which is visible always at the same position during the whole presentation?

This feature is only available with Gold and Platinum Team accounts at this time. Sorry for any troubles this might cause.

What type of licence is that?

These are Prezi Business team packages, our sales team is happy to share further details with you, you can contact them by filling out this form.

Hello Vera,

Any updates on this logo embed option?

I’d like to embed a client logo in the Prezi and have it viewable in every frame (in the same position).

What it the cost for a Gold and Platinum Team account?

I’m just a one person design firm.

My client might be willing to purchase a template. Don’t think they need a team account.



@Lura_Albee this feature is still only available with the above-mentioned Gold and Platinum Team licenses, our Sales Team is able to provide you further details on the prices.

I would like to learn more about this feature, are there any samples avaialble?

Prezi Business is currently $50 per month per user. You can get a free trial if you go to this page: and click on the Teams tab. Be sure to open it in an Incognito window or else it will just take you to your Prezi dashboard.

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Prezi Classic used to offer the option of adding your own logo if you upgraded. Is this the case for Prezi Next? I can’t see it mentioned anywhere.

As you can see from the answer above, this feature is only available with Gold and Platinum Team accounts at this time. Sorry if it is causing any inconvenience.

Lana - I have a prezi pro/premium account. I have always been able to add our logo using prezi classic and would like the ability to add our logo with prezi next. I don’t see an option for gold or platinum account. Please advise.

@Rachael_Martemucci those packages are only available for team subscriptions, our sales team would be happy to provide further information, you can contact them here.

Hmmm…seems like this would be a great feature for Premium accounts versus just business teams. Could this be added to the request queue?

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Sure thing, @Quang_Le, we’ll let the team responsible for the subscription packages know.

Hello everyone, you are now able to insert a logo in your presentation with a Plus or superior plan, please check this article to know more about it :slight_smile: