Customization of View Page

I would like to be able to customize the landing page viewed when sending the Share Link to my clients. Not that I mind Prezi’s name being there, but if I could customize that page with my logo as well and different color schemes so they know it is part of the viewing experience, that would be helpful.

Hi @Capture_Information, could you please tell me which Prezi name do you mean regarding the view page? Is it the top banner with the Prezi Logo on the left and your name or Sign In on the right, or is it the Prezi watermark in the bottom left corner?

I mean the “landing page” when you send a link to someone for viewing.

I don’t mind the Prezi logo, but it would be nice if I could customize a bit to include our logo and make it more obvious that I am sending the Prezi item for their viewing but for something involving my company…

Hi @Capture_Information,
At the moment there is no option to remove the Prezi logo or add your own or change the color scheme of the project view page, however, you can now embed your Prezi Design projects into your own webpage, which means that instead of sharing a link to Prezi landing page, you can share a link to your website instead to a page where the project is embedded. Here’s also a short tutorial on Embedding your Prezi Design content.