Customize zoom areas



I used Prezi a few years back and found it amazing! Now I find it harder to organize the Prezi the way I could before.

The “Zoom to area” functionality is THE functionality that I LOVE. But how can I give the “area” a name? It would be a lot more easy to rearrange the animations and edit the Prezi if could more easily identify which area the zoom animation is going to zoom to.

There is a posibility to organize it using topis and subtopics, and I find them to be cool tools, BUT… this is not what I am looking for. If I wanted to use slides I would use PowerPoint.

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And also:

Why do i need a “dummy topic” to even start the animation? That is just odd. This is really not encouraging creativity, this is conforming the presentation to fit a standard model.

I hope I am wrong and just to stupid to understand the software :slight_smile:


Hello, @Thomas_Husebo. First of all, thank you for your kind feedback about the product! :slight_smile:

If I understand it correctly, you wish for the zoom areas to have a title. We see how it could be useful and we’ll be happy to pass on the suggestion to our product team.

Could you please specify in more detail your comment about the “dummy topic” for the animation? Maybe with an example? I would like to understand it properly to give you the best response.


@Thomas_Husebo, you don’t need a dummy topic to use animations. You can make a prezi entirely out of zoom areas. See my article below:


Hello @Lana, thank you for your response

Spesific improvments which all would make the “zoom to area” animation much easier:

  • Possibility to give a name to each area (should not be mandatory)
  • Adding a thumbnail of the area of interest (to more easily distinguish different zoom animations). This would probably make an area-name redundant.
  • Adding a small number to the animation, based on its position relative to the other animations. This number could be integrated into the grey frame within the overview/topicview (to more easily identify an animation when editing the presentation)

Regarding “dummy topic” it seems that I can set a “zoom to area” animation as my starting point to avoid the problem of not starting the presentation. Suggest to check out the great article of @Robin_Pierman in the comment below, Robin saw my struggle perfectly.


Thank you for the detailed feedback, @Thomas_Husebo.