Customizing your topic covers



There are many options if you would like to edit your topic cover and make it into something else than a circle. Here is a presentation that shows all the alternative types of topic covers one can have.


To edit your topic cover please make the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the topic.
  2. Choose “Edit topic cover” – you will see a dashed line around the topic, it means the topic cover is now editable and you can add various elements to it.
  3. Now you can either leave the topic cover empty or add a symbol, shape, text, video, chart, line or arrow, and an image.

For the element to be a topic cover, make sure it is within the dashed line.

Below you can find a video that shows how topic covers can be edited.


Is the automatic topic cover gone now? It seems that ALL topics covers now use the custom topic cover option.


What good is the video topic cover? It looks like a playable video on the overview but when you zoom to it the video disappears.


Currently, when you add a new topic, as you can see from this video, it either copies the cover and appears as the next in line to the selected topic or if no topic is selected, it copies the last topic and goes next to it.

The video topic cover is there to be displayed as an option – it disappears when you zoom to it but it is clickable.


When I click the video topic it zooms in, the image of the video thumbnail disappears, and the title, VIDEO appears. I’ve tried to click on it but nothing happens.


As you can see from the video below, if you click through the presentation, you simply go into the “Video” topic as with all the other topics. But then you can also click on the video and play it in the end of the presentation, for example:

Depending on where you click, the cover will behave differently. If you click on the area around the video, it will simply go inside the topic but if you click on the video, the video will play.

Can I use a picture as a topic cover?

Thanks for the explanation. I find this very odd.

Subtopic cover