Cyrilic coding or UTF-8

Many of templates textbox doesn’t work correctly with cyrillic. Now I must delete default textbox and make new one. It’s also works not in each templates. How I can get help with this?

Hi Yuriy,

Unfortunately some templates use fonts that don’t include cyrillic characters. You may want to create your prezis using another template instead.

If you feel brave enough you can also edit the style information by selecting Themes > Customize current theme… from the dropdown menu, then switching to the Advanced tab in the bottom left corner, and finally clicking on “Use the Prezi CSS Editor”. There you will find all the formatting information of that particular prezi. Now, if you know of a template which happens to support cyrillic fonts, use the above procedure in there to get to the font information (look at the “.keg” references in the @font-face blocks), then replace same the reference in the template you originally wanted to use. This will let you use any template, even those which don’t support cyrillic characters out of the box, although with a different font face.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

All the best,

Hi guys, do you have news about the cyrillic support? Can you please somehow note which templates support cyrillic fonts?