Cyrillic in Prezi

 I’ve already made one press in Russian and can’t be more satisfied with the result.
Now I try to do a new prezi and can’t type in Cyrillic in all fields. In some fields everything is fine, in some it is not. All I can see when I type in Cyrillic there are dots.
I even tried to use the same template I used for the first presentation when everything worked perfect. But now I face the problem even there.

Hi Tatyana,

We have a workaround for not supported international scripts into prezis.
This method involves making changes to the CSS Editor code for inputing script. Therefore, we seriously suggest that any inputing of international scripts using this technique, be done at the END of your editing process after you have finished all other elements of your prezi, especially the inputing of supported scripts (such as English). We also suggest saving a copy of your prezi before implementing this method, incase you have any problems. 

  1. Open up the prezi that you want use. 
  2. Click the ’ Template’ tab from the top menu and select ’ Customize Current Theme…’.
  3.  The Theme Wizard will now appear. Click on the ’ Advanced’ Tab and open the CSS Editor by selecting ’ Use the Prezi CSS Editor’.
  4. From the text that appears in the CSS Editor, you need to remove one line. (Caution: only remove the line of text, do not remove the actual line). The line reads “src: url(‘CrimsonText.swf’);”. Remove the text as shown in the pictures below:
  5. Click ’ Apply’ in the bottom right corner of the CSS Editor window. 
    For more information:

    Kind regards,

I have the same problem when I’m trying to make a presentation in Russian. The thing is, that I can’t find that line you are saying to delete. What should I do?

this ‘For more information:’ doesn’t even work for me… i get error saying ‘You do not have access to this topicYou do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this Zendesk for further help.’

Hi All, 

Sorry about that. Here are the updated version of the links: (inputing international script) (changing language)


I would like to use cyrilic, but i can not find that line in the CSS text. There is only src: url(‘Titillium-Regular.keg’). How can i fix this?
Thank you