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I LOVE using PREZI and I find that my adult learners LOVE learning from this format much, MUCH more than just a PPT slide. The latest update is great. I have one suggestion, that could seem odd, but is important, and I would ask you too consider: The new video window is a very bright white, which is problem for people like me who have to wear glasses while presenting. The window casts a very large GLARE across my glasses as I am ‘presenting.’ This is especially problematic when presenting from my office which is a lower light environment. I would like a darker colored window that surrounds the ‘presentation’. THANK YOU

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Hi @Scott_Fearing, I’ve created a new topic with your comment if you don’t mind.

Please note that if you set up your operating system to work in “dark mode” then Prezi Video will have a dark user interface that might solve the issue you are facing right now.

Are you working on Mac or Windows?