Dashboard - Create a filter for "uncategorized" Prezis

In the dashboard, I’d love to be able to filter all Prezis that are NOT in any folder.
The rationale behind this is that I have already many Prezis, and I use to store the important ones in proper folders, but they still show all together in the “All prezis” view.
I need to be able to separate obsolete versions of my works (which are not inside any folder) from the good ones (which I take care to assign to proper folders).
Having a filter like “uncategorized prezis” (i.e. not assigned to any folder) would be of great help to maintain everything organizes.

BTW: can this suggestion be passed also to Prezi Classic team?

Thanks a lot!

Hi, Cristiano. It’s a very interesting idea, thank you for sharing it with us! It will be taken to our product managers.