Dashboard won't load in Chrome



My dashboard won’t load on my Macbook when I use Chrome. All I get is the ‘spinning wheel of death’. It seems fine if I switch to another browser on the same machine or if I try Chrome on another computer; it’s just Chrome and this machine.

Any ideas?



Prezi file does not load
Dashboard Won't Load!

Hi Paul.

I have the same problem with my dashboard. Using chrome as well.



I have the same problem and Prezi won’t load on my dashboard even though I have logged in. This is very frustrating. I cannot get anything done!


Hi Shrin and Mark,

It seems that this is not an isolated problem.

Is anyone from the Prezi team able to help, please?

Many thanks.



Please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements and that there are no firewall settings in Chrome that could be blocking the editor.

Let us know if you are still experiencing the same issue after the necessary settings and we will further look into it.


Hi Agnes,

I’ve been using Prezi on this Macbook for about five years and have never had a problem. I’ve not made any changes either that might have affected it. As I’ve already stated, it works on IE but not Chrome on this machine but was working on Chrome just before Christmas.




@Paul_Hanson Could you send us a screenshot of the About this Mac window of your device? Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem with Firefox on Windows 10. The Problem first occured yesterday. The list of prezis did not load and the folders did not show. Today I tried it again - same problem. Anayway, Microsoft Edge works. So I started to use this browser today. I hope, the Prezi-Team can solve this problem soon!


Sounds like an identical problem.

Thanks, Julian.



Hi Agnes,

I have a dual operating system on this and am having the problem on the Windows side. I can screenshot from this if you let me know what you want.

It does sound like others are having similar issues though.

Many thanks



I tested your accounts and did not experience the same problem. Could you all let us know what browser versions you are using and provide us with the system and technical specs of your computers, please?

I’d also recommend you to test loading the dashboard in an incognito window and also make sure there is no adblocker that could be blocking the software, thanks in advance!


My Dashboard won’t load on any of the computers I normally use right now (Mac & PC), I have a presentation tomorrow! Help!


@Tess_Motherway I moved your post into the relevant thread, could you provide us with the info requested above and test if you are experiencing the same issue on different browsers too?

In the meantime, we are trying to investigate and resolve the issue as soon as possible, thanks in advance for any further information.


when im logged in, the site loads normally but my presetations, do not apear… just the spinnig loading wheel…
pls help :frowning:


i says “Your folders are loading…” but for half an hour they didnt i dont think they will…


@Sebastian_Mairhofer I merged your post into the relevant thread, could you provide us with the info requested above and test if you are experiencing the same issue on different browsers too? Thanks in advance.


I’m having the issue on Chrome 71 on Windows 7. I can’t check which version of Firefox but I’ve also had trouble on Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7


We consulted the development team and their suspicion is that the issue is caused by uBlock.

Please try to disable uBlock for this site and check if the issue still persists, thanks in advance!


I’ve added prezi.com to my disabled websites and it looks like it’s fixed the problem. At least on Chrome. Thanks!


Hi Agnes,

I think our tech team checked the U-Block earlier and it wasn’t interfering.

Unfortunately, I can’t try it in Incognito because this facility is not available on our work machines. However, I can load dashboard in Internet Explorer. I can also open presentations in Chrome. I just can’t find them on my dashboard.

Here’re my OS details.

Many thanks