Default background when converting from PowerPoint


I have a quick question regarding the conversion from PowerPoint. When importing a presentation from PowerPoint to convert it to a Prezi presentation there is a default background. From where this background can be changed?

Thank you in advance,
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Mariana Kovacheva

Hello @Mariana_Kovacheva, you can change the background image if you right-click on the canvas, then select background. A sidebar will pop up and you can either choose a background from our gallery or upload your own.

This is for the background of the presentation. But there is a default background of every slide that is imported and I can’t find from where to change it.

Hi @Mariana_Kovacheva, if you choose the ppt import, then the background of the slide will be given. The workaround I would suggest:

  1. Export your PPT as a PDF.
  2. Choose a template that you like.
  3. Import your pdf slides in the editor.
  4. Insert your slides to the overview or inside topics.

+1 Alernatively, you can just add your slides as PDFs to the overview and use the “zoom in/add zoom area” animation to zoom in.