Default built-in template (not branded/custom)

Hi, I want to use a default (or last used) built-in template in Prezi Video, but don’t find the option. It always starts up with the blue-purple side bar template. What possibilities are there?

Hello @Vincent_TEPPER, could you please check this article on how to choose a template in Prezi Video?

Let us know if you have any questions afterwards!

Hi Catarina, thanks for your response.
So in other words, the only way to set a different default built-in template is to upgrade to Prezi Teams?

Hello @Vincent_TEPPER, if you would like to always start with the same template that you like from our selection, I would recommend you to select the template, add one empty slide, and then save it as a file on your computer.

Every time you open this file, it opens the template you have selected.

Hope this helps!