Delete Account = Delete all data?

I just want to ask if I delete my account, will it also delete all my data outside this platform including the search engines such as Google?

Hey @Claire, deleting your account will delete all data on our platform.
However, once a public presentation or profile is successfully removed from the Internet by deleting it or making it private, it may still be displayed on popular search engine results. This is because the search engine has “indexed” the link, which is not always immediately removed from search results. Please be assured that clicking on such links will take you to a “Prezi not found” page.

In most cases, your presentation should stop appearing in these results within a month. If you would like the link to your presentation to be immediately removed from search engine results (no longer indexed), you need to contact the search engine provider directly.

Instructions on the various processes that search engine providers go through to remove content can be found below:



Bing (Microsoft currently has no formal method for this, so we suggest that you contact the support team)

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Hello there,

I have moved all my prezis to a professional account, and I would like to delete all the presentation made under my name. When i look for it on the browser, presentations still appear although I have deleted them from my personal account. Anybody would know how to make sure that those deleted presentations will no longer show up on the internet?

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Hey @Manon_Demange I’ve merged your question to the relevant thread, can you check the reply above? :slight_smile:

Thank you Sam. It is very helpful. Have a good day.

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Dear all,

after deleting presentations in my account & then deleting the account, will all my data be deleted from prezi servers? I don’t want to recover those files but need to make sure, that they really have been erased…

Thanks for your help

Hello @Matthias_Schappert, I merged your post with the relevant thread. When you delete your account, all your data is erased from our servers. I would also recommend you to check this reply regarding what happens with indexed presentations.

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