Delete presentations without access to an old account

I deleted my first account years ago, but old prezis still carry my name. Can I do anything to revive the account and delete my embarrassing creations?) Thanks!

@E_S Could you share a link to one of your presentations so we can look into it? Thanks in advance.

Hi! Here is the link, thank you!
Sincerely, Elena Soktoeva

Hi! Could you also do that for me? The mail account I used in college is not in use anymore so I can’t delete it myself.

And, if there are more created by my old account could you delete these all toghether?

Big thanx!!! Sacha

@E_S Your account is actually still, but I can recommend you and @Sacha_van_den_Bos as well to use the Report abuse button under one of your presentations where you can submit a help request and contact the responsible team directly who will be able to assist you with deleting your presentations.

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from their reply:
“To help jog your memory, it appears that this presentation was created by someone with an email address.” - which is no longer active and I cannot reset the password to login
“If you are the owner of the content within the account, you may also file a DMCA notice to have it removed from our service, as explained here.” - they are referring to something else (to make things easier))))

Sorry for the inconvenience, in these cases it requires a few extra steps to remove the content as you no longer have access to it.

Please let my colleagues know that the account and the presentations belong to you, you just cannot log in to the account. Thanks in advance.

Can you please delete my prezi
I created it with a school account that i can’t log into anymore.

@Chiara_Luisa please use the Report abuse button under the presentation window to directly contact the responsible team who can assist you in removing the presentation. Thanks in advance.

Hi want to delete a family presentation I made in 2012 with an email I don’t have access to anymore. There is no way I can access the account I made the presentation naively with.
The only way I thought would make Prezi delete the presentation was to ask my husband to report my old account for using his pictures without his permission. Would this make Prezi delete the account? Do you have a solution for me?

Hi @Bahar_mehmani, I have merged your question to the relevant topic. :slight_smile:
As you haven’t got access to the account the best way to remove your old presentation is to report it, just as you have done it.
This will not delete the whole account, but it is possible to remove a presentation this way - my colleagues will handle the report and get in touch with you shortly. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

Hi I have an old account that i cant seem to get access to at all. is there anything I can do to revive my old account and delete my old school presentation as I do not want it anymore. I have contacted someone before and they told me what the email address was and I was able to recover it but when I go through the forgot password email process it isnt working and i was able to use that email to make this account. I do not know how?

This the account i want to delete and this the presentation I wan to delete


Hi @Varshini_Paramathaya, I cannot seem to find the presentation neither your account in our system, it seems like you’ve managed to properly delete them.

Hi I am having the same issue and wanting an old presentation deleted. I dont have access to the email used for the account but here is the link for the presentation I want deleted.

Hello @Jewel, you can report your presentation clicking here. Our team will assist you with this matter.

If you need any further assistance don’t hesitate in contacting us.


Eu não estou conseguindo acessar minha antiga conta aqui, gostaria de remover algumas apresentações. Será que tem como me ajudar?

Minha antiga conta


Olá @monica_Stahelin, Eu fundi sua postagem com o tópico relevante. Tu podes tentar recuperar sua conta através desse link. Se não for possível, podes clicar nesse link e reportar as apresentações que gostarias que fossem apagadas.

Me avise se isto foi útil. :smile:

Is there a way to remove outdated presentations?

Hello @Viane_Hamor, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above.

Hi, I would also like to take down these Prezis. this is my high school email that I no longer have access to and I would like it to be removed